We unlock the last frontier of consumer data to empower the world's greatest brands with real-world insights.





We unlock the last frontier of consumer data to empower the world's greatest brands with real-world insights.

We respect privacy

Bei Advertima haben wir eine Technologie entwickelt, die die Privatsphäre der Menschen respektiert. Wir verwenden grundsätzlich keine Gesichtserkennung und können Menschen visuell nicht identifizieren. Unsere visuellen Sensoren speichern keinerlei Bild- oder Videoaufnahmen.

Advertima solves your challenges

Catch up with the digital world

Unlock the last frontier of marketing data to understand consumer behavior in the physical space.

Exceed customers’ expectations

Offer your customers the best-in-class personalized, relevant, and timely customer experience.

Deliver true omnichannel

Connect your consumers’ physical and digital worlds to create a seamless omni­­­channel customer experience.

Improve customer loyalty

Provide consumers with omnichannel and personalized customer experience.

Tackle the complexity of the physical world

Stay on the cutting edge of technology with Advertima AI.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

What we do

Through our unique 3D vision technology, we provide innovative AI-driven products that unlock the value of offline data to create a seamless customer experience that is proven to increase revenue.

Advertima Smart Signage

Unleash a new era in advertising

Supercharge conversation rates, increase digital advertising revenue and deliver content your customers will love. Through anonymous facial recognition, full-body motion detection and situational context analysis, Advertima Smart Signage provides hyper personalized content delivery.

Advertima Autonomous Store

The future of physical retail

Advertima’s advanced AI-driven technology is defining the future of retail by creating the store of the future. Advertima Autonomous Store offers an extraordinary customer experience with no check out and no queuing achieving never before seen levels of in-store efficiency. Are you ready for the retail revolution?

Who we help

See how our award-winning solutions apply to your industry.


Boost your profits

Gain a competitive advantage and boost your profits with Advertima’s data-driven retail marketing solutions.


Increase in-store revenue

The world’s leading grocers rely on Advertima to drive in-store impulse purchases that dramatically increase revenue.

Shopping Center

Drive footfall into premises

The world ‘s leading shopping centers count on Advertima’s solutions to gain unique customer insights that help maximize their leasing and marketing operations.

Digital Out-of-Home

Increase ad revenue

Learn how you can dramatically increase the value of your DooH media using Advertima’s market leading smart targeting and real-time audience profiling solution. 

“By achieving 2.7x more customer engagement, Advertima Smart Signage increased our sales by 10.5% in comparison with traditional digital signage.”

Dr. Wolfgang Frick
Managing Director Purchasing & Marketing SPAR Group

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Our CEO explains the reasons why it will always be physical retail stores and how our technology helps retailers to tackle their challenges.

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