The standard AI to understand human behavior in the physical world and engage in real-time.


Companies struggle to understand human behavior in the physical world. Technology is two decades behind online.

Advertima Closes The Gap

A self-learning software uses Computer Vision, Machine-Learning and Big Data to interpret the appearance, motion, and context of people in real-time.

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The Technology

You Benefit In Five Major Areas

360° Customers Insights
More Footfall & Longer Dwell-times
Better Sales Conversions
More Loyal Customers
A Digital Bridge To Online

Streamline costs, increase revenue and
build a better customer experience.

Industry Solutions 

Shopping Centers

Boost audience growth and transform your visit experience. Become a preferred destination and increase your sales.

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Use Cases for Shopping Centers

Digital Out-of-Home

Close the relevance gap to online channels with performance-based ad formats. Get ready for a real-time-bidding future.

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Use Cases for Digital Out-of-Home

Retailer Brands

Offer exciting retail experiences. Integrate your physical-world marketing activities with your other digital channels.

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Use Cases for Retail Brands

Retail Banking

Engage with relevant information and interactive formats to differentiate your brand. Develop new branch concepts with data.

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Use Cases for Retail Banking

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