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Advertima‘s technology is built to be privacy preserving & GDPR compliant from the ground up.

Our customers use our technology to offer a more relevant shopping experience to their consumers.

The world is moving ever more quickly. Customers like you have high standards and companies have to continually develop in order not to fall out of favor with their clientele.

86% of all the information and content you are exposed to in your daily life is not relevant to you personally. Companies use Advertima’s technology to improve this.

You, meanwhile, are concerned about your privacy and wish to remain unidentified. You are well within your rights here, and it’s something we place great emphasis on too. Our technology respects your privacy and is conform to current legislation. 

Advertima, as a GDPR compliant provider, has therefore developed a solution that helps companies to improve your consumer experience while respecting your privacy. Companies have the opportunity to find out more about their consumer groups without infringing on your rights.


E-data protection provisions

Our privacy principles

Our technology is governed by the strictest data protection laws in the world. The technology has been developed and implemented within the framework of legal principles (Switzerland and EU). Furthermore, we are committed to abiding by the following four principles, which guarantee a sustainable and secure application of the technology.

We commit to being fully transparent on how we process anonymous data. This principle ensures that everyone can find out how our technology works.

With our technology, we do not collect biometric data and only process the minimum of anonymized data. The anonymous data can only be evaluated in aggregated form. This means that unintentional identification of a person is simply technically impossible.

Data security
This principle guarantees the security of our systems. Advertima’s technology uses the highest level of encryption. This combined with the architecture of our technology protect our systems from unauthorized external access.

Data separation
Advertima’s technology separates data in the system and defines clear processes that follow data privacy regulation.


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