Enable cashierless checkout to improve shopping experience


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Unifying human recognition, product tracking and behavioral understanding, Advertima’s years of research peak in this revolutionizing milestone for the retail industry. Our advanced technology improves the efficiency of your stores, boosts your revenue while creating the shopping experience that every customer has been dreaming of. Advertima Autonomous Store makes waiting lines and manual checkout a relic of the past.

Detect and track people & products

Recognize human action

Enable cashierless checkout

“By achieving 2.7x more customer engagement, Advertima Smart Signage increased our sales by 10.5% in comparison with traditional digital signage.”

Dr. Wolfgang Frick
Managing Director Purchasing & Marketing SPAR Group


Thanks to its cutting edge computer vision and AI technology, Advertima Autonomous Store makes shopping a seamless experience.

Reduce checkout time
Understand customer demographics & behavior in real time
Increase efficiency
Improve customer experience
24/7 opening hours
Increase revenue

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