Understand customers in the physical world


Take the guess work out of key customer experience decisions by using real-world consumer insights.

Unlock the power of your data


Advertima Location Analytics uses advanced 3D vision technology to understand consumer behavior in the physical retail space. Advertima’s AI engine interprets human motion, appearance and situational context all in real time. We enable retailers to make crucial marketing decisions based on fact, not guess work.

Understand consumers in the physical space

Get insights into your customers’ demographics, behaviors, and interests

Measure footfall and dwell-time to create amazing in-store experiences

“By achieving 2.7x more customer engagement, Advertima Smart Signage increased our sales by 10.5% in comparison with traditional digital signage.”

Dr. Wolfgang Frick
Managing Director Purchasing & Marketing SPAR Group


Thanks to its 3D vision technology, Advertima Location Analytics provides the most in-depth and most accurate insights about customers’ demographics, behaviors, and interests.

Optimize staff allocation
Understand customer demographics & behavior
Improve customer experience
Optimize decisions on merchandising & promotions
Optimize layout
Increase revenue

Advertima Location Analytics

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Create the ultimate retail experience

Advertima Location Analytics is the number one solution for physical retailers to increase in-store efficiency, performance and boost revenue.


Upgrade the shopping experience

Advertima Location Analytics is the number one solution for supermarkets to improve the efficiency and performance of their stores and raise their profits.

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Advertima Location Analytics empowers mall owners with powerful insights about their tenants and property health, and much more.

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