Deliver the right content, to the right audience at the right time


Thought hyper personalized ad campaigns and deep performance metrics were only available in the digital world? Think again.

Unleash a new era in advertising


The Advertima AI-powered Smart Signage solution understands real-world demographics (gender & age), engagement (dwell & view time), context (family groups, young mothers, etc). It provides unrivalled consumer insight, even in the digital world. For the first time, brands can communicate with consumers individually and in real time, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

Deliver content to the right consumers at the right time

Gain an understanding of the performance of your offline campaigns

Obtain an unprecedented level of consumer insights

“By achieving 2.7x more customer engagement, Advertima Smart Signage increased our sales by 10.5% in comparison with traditional digital signage.”

Dr. Wolfgang Frick
Managing Director Purchasing & Marketing SPAR Group

Increase sales and revenue with Advertima

Thanks to our unique 3D vision technology, Advertima Smart Signage is the critical asset for advertisers and digital signage owners.

10.5% sales uplift
Drive impulse buying
3x more customer engagement
Improve advertising ROI
Real-time audience analytics
Drive footfall into premises

Advertima Smart Signage

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Boost your profits

With Advertima Smart Signage, retail stores can increase sales by delivering hyper personalized content to drive purchase at the point of sale.


Increase in-store revenue

With Advertima Smart Signage, grocery stores and supermarkets can deliver hyper targeted advertising to increase product discovery and drive impulse buying at the point of sale.

Shopping Center

Drive footfall into premises

Advertima Smart Signage empowers shopping malls with best-in-class proximity marketing to improve the customer experience of their visitors and drive footfall into premises.

Digital Out-of-Home

Increase ad revenue

Through smart targeting and audience analytics, Advertima increases the value of DooH media and, for the first time, makes programmatic buying possible.

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