Built to understand the complexity of the physical world


Technology that has been developed with innovation and consumer privacy at the core.

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3D vision technology

Advertima AI sees and interprets the real world likes humans do thanks to our proprietary 3D vision technology.

Cross-sensor recognition

Advertima AI recognizes people even though they leave the sensors’ field of view thanks to the communication of data across the sensor network.

Versatile AI technology

Advertima’s AI technology solves multiple problems meaning the solution is scalable and future proof.

State-of-the-art technology

Advertima’s computer vision technology has been acknowledged as best-in-class by delivering market first features and benefits.

By providing continuous software updates at zero cost Advertima’s customers stay ahead in the technology race.

Innovation at the core

Advertima pushes the boundaries of machine learning and computer vision to unlock the power of real-world data. The world’s greatest brands rely on Advertima’s market leading solutions to understand consumers in the physical world.

Advertima sees in 3D, which enables accurate people tracking and behavioral prediction.

Advertima recognizes every limb of a human to understand people’s motions, actions, and gestures fully.

While respecting privacy, Advertima can recognize people even though they leave the sensors’ field of view thanks to the communication of data across the sensor network.

Advertima’s best-in-class head pose detection understands people’s attention without compromising their privacy.

Advertima uses anonymous facial recognition to re-identify people without processing biometric data or storing personal information.

Advertima’s zoning feature allows the sensor’ s vision to focus on a configurable and defined 3D area to achieve best-in-class data quality.


Advertima uses computer vision combined with advanced AI algorithms to unlock physical world consumer data, driving in-store revenues and creating a seamless customer experience.

Advertima Smart Signage

Unleash a new era in advertising

Supercharge conversation rates, increase digital advertising revenue and deliver content your customers will love. Through anonymous facial recognition, full-body motion detection and situational context analysis, Advertima Smart Signage provides hyper personalized content delivery.

Advertima Autonomous Store

The future of physical retail

Advertima’s advanced AI-driven technology is defining the future of retail by creating the store of the future. Advertima Autonomous Store offers an extraordinary customer experience with no check out and no queuing achieving never before seen levels of in-store efficiency. Are you ready for the retail revolution?

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